ART SHOW AT RED BENCH, Featuring Bob & Candace Copeland

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Red BenchTM Gallery of Jerome, AZ, is thrilled to present Sedona artists, Bob and Candace Copeland on Saturday, April 21st, from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m.

“I paint to satisfy my passion for great music and the people that brought it to life. Painting is like poetry in motion. The sound moves my soul and lets me express my vision onto canvas. Let the music play and the art adorn your walls.” – Bob Copeland

Stop by and enjoy the musical performance of local guitarist, Art Patience, relax in our comfortable gallery while having a glass of wine, watch the sunset over Jerome through our gallery’s huge wall of windows at the Jerome Art Center: 885 Hampshire Avenue, Building A, upstairs in Studio 306.

“Without art, we could not live. I grew up in an artistic family. It was an everyday part of my life. I have been photographing since the age of five; I will continue till I pass on.” – Candace Copeland.

There’s a lot going on during the evening, including “Candace Speaks” at 6:30 p.m., where she will be sharing with the group a personal and intimate tour of her artwork.

Candace goes on to say: “My eye sees the world through the viewfinder. I have traveled extensively and to record the many images of my mind, I have relied on the camera to keep those memories and moments alive.

Some of my images are hand-painted to bring out the fine detail of the photograph. Therefore, no two pieces are alike. Each has its own character.”

We have 53 original one-of-a-kind paintings, hand-painted and embellished vintage neckties, hand- made earrings and jewelry, and painted clothing available during the months of April and May.

“I create images every day with my equipment. The wrinkles around my eye tell the story. I am totally passionate about this way of sharing the world of images that capture my soul. As things change and emerge in our world, so does the art of photography.

I print my images on canvas Giclee, and hand-paint each one. No two are ever the same. You will acquire a one-of-a-kind piece of art with every acquisition of my work. Thank you for enjoying the world through my lens.” Learn more here: