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Best Hike In Sedona – West Fork Hike


The West Fork hike is not only the best hike in Sedona, Arizona. The drive along Oak Creek Canyon, one of the most scenic drives in Arizona, is also  an experience and delight in itself, taking you jordan retro 1 through the beautiful canyons of the Oak Creek River.

As you continue to drive up the canyon on your way to West Fork you’ll enjoy 10 miles of lush forest, lined with massive red rocks that provide Wholesale nfl Jerseys an unforgettable journey. Faulting helped the canyon waters break through  the impermeable lava cap on top of the plateau.

Once they permeated México the lava cap, these powerful cascades Cheap NFL Jerseys pounded this tough-rock layer until it was cracked.

Then the water continued to carve this magnificent canyon of crimson through the softer, sedimentary layers of rocks. The beautiful meandering Oak Creek still etches its way though Sedona.shutterstock_39773629

The crystal clear spring waters almost seem to dance through the rocks. The continual faulting and fracturing have allowed natural springs to feed the canyon creeks today.  The sterling spring, located wholesale jerseys about a quarter of wholesale football jerseys china a mile up the Canyon Rim, is the principal feeding spring. The Oak Creek has become a dependable supply of water, which has attracted various wildlife to this area.

Check out this video of the West Fork Hike