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Sedona’s Best Visitor’s Guide

Facts About Sedona

Did you know that the sun shines an average of over 300 days of the year in Sedona, Arizona. That’s more sunshine than Florida!

Arizona has more National Parks and National Monuments than any other state and SEDONA is centrally located by most of them!


Sedona’s Best Tourism & Visitor’s Guide

Sedona and Arizona have more mountainous countryside than Switzerland.

Sedona is located in the southern part of  the largest stand of Ponderosa pines in the world!

In what is notably referred to as  red rock Country, the rock formations have been given many affectionate names by the residents such as: Snoopy, Bell Rock, Coffee Pot Rock and Cathedral rock. Sedona’s natural beauty has also attracted movie stars and film producers, like Walt Disney, for decades.

Many Hollywood films have been made here including “Johnny Guitar”, “Broken Arrow” and “Comancheros” starring John Wayne.

Sedona, a land of timeless beauty, is surrounded by magnificent, natural red rock sculptures and pristine National Forests. standing about 4,300 feet above sea level, Sedona is centrally located less than two hours north of Phoenix and just two hours south of the Grand Canyon.Sedona

Perhaps one of the most spectacular secrets of the world, Sedona enchants millions of visitors (and native Arizonans) each year.

Ancient Native Americans believed that Sedona was a sacred land and today the ruins of where they once lived and hunted still dot the area.

Sedona’s famous formations have been slowly created for over 350 million years of time. From oceans to deserts to volcanic eruptions, Sedona’s geological events have been quite active, all contributing to the fascinating vistas we see today.

To understand the geological history of the area, imagine the surface of the land to be a gigantic layer cake about 5,000 feet (above sea level) high and about 150,000 square miles in area called the “Colorado Plateau”. If we were to cut a slice of this cake, we would see about ten various layers of sedi-mentary rock signifying different geological events.

Three formations, Schnebly Hill, Hermit and Supai— compose the distinctive, beautiful formations of Sedona.

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Sedona's Best Visitor's Guide

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