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The Geology of Sedona

Ever wonder how the beauty of Sedona was formed? For many coming to Sedona Arizona for a visit or vacation the About way the beautiful red rock formations and Oak Creek Canyon were formed remains a mystery.

Sedona’s natural beauty has been years in the making. Sedona’s beauty secret is a secret millions and millions of years old. Basically attributed to natural sculpting by seas, sands and winds, over time the results are the bewitching phenomenon we witness today.

These ancient oakley sunglasses cheap rock formations are our windows into the past.   From oceans to deserts to volcanic eruptions, Sedona’s geological events have been quite active.

To understand the geological history of the area imagine the surface of the land to be a gigantic layer cake about 5,000 feet above sea level and about 150,000 square miles long called, “The Colorado Plateau.

If we were to cut a slice of this layer cake, we could see ten layers of sedimentary rocks. the icing of this cake would be covered with black-colored lava rock.

The rock layer closest to the surface is called, the red wall limestone.

The red wall layer is where marine fossils are embedded, such as corals , “sea lilies” and brachiopods.

The shells of billions of these sea animals were deposited by an ancient sea. They built up layer upon layer to finally form the massive red cheap nfl jerseys wall limestone layer. This layer was then subjected to wind erosion and re-submerged under another shallow sea, making it appear a little uneven.   The red wall layer is also the oldest layer of exposed rock in the Sedona area dating back to about 350 million years ago.

SedonaToday, the red wall layer can be seen about 4 miles north of Sedona at stream level where there is a 200 foot cliff of light gray colored rocks . Although it is gray in appearance, the Fake Ray Bans red wall layer got its name when it was discovered in the Grand Canyon area. It appeared red at that time cheap MLB Jerseys because storm waters had washed away some of the red silt from the layer above it and had stained the limestone below giving it a temporary reddish appearance.

To learn more, check out this Cheap Football Jerseys video below on the history and formation of Sedona. It is chock-full of information even those who lived in Sedona many years are not aware of. Enjoy your stay in Sedona!

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