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Hiking Sedona Boynton Canyon

The Hike

Hiking Boynton Canyon in Sedona can be both a NFL Jerseys Cheap physical and metaphysical experience. Variations in elevation, a mostly level trail and spectacular views make this a hike people of all ages can enjoy when hiking Sedona. There is a spiritual connection to the ground as well, as legends left behind by the former inhabitants of the canyon note.

shutterstock_133339352The Legend

The ancient denizens of the area strongly believed it to be center of the cheap nfl jerseys universe.  These ancient Native Americans were called the “wipukpaya [wee-buk-abayai] meaning “people at the foot of the  red rock (Dutch) mountains.”  They believed that one person, Kamalapukwia, survived a flood that destroyed the whole world.

She became the mother of Lofty Wanderer, who gathered all the creatures of the world together and taught them their ways.  Then the Lofty Wanderer directed them to go to cheap fake oakleys the  four corners of the world and depart from this center of Cheap Jordans creation, Boynton Canyon, for it was a sacred place meant only for the gods or sacred people.

Native American storytellers continue this myth and believe that the spirits of their ancestors Oakleys sunglasses Outlet still dwell in this canyon.

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