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The 10 day process eliminates cravings and withdrawal
The BR+ Program effectively treats all Opiate, Alcohol
and Stimulant Dependence.

NAD Based Detox and Anti-Aging Research Clinic

We focus on innovative 10-day natural detox treatments and provide advanced-healing supplements.

Unlike other health clinic companies, which create products and treatments that target specific body functions, we believe that true health begins at the cellular level. It is only by addressing health on this basic cellular level that true, whole-body-mind health can be achieved.

We also believe that diet and exercise can lead to a healthier, energetic, better person, and can also extend our life span. But in today’s hectic, busy, and extremely stressful world, it’s become very difficult (And more expensive) to achieve this lifestyle.

With that said, it’s our mission to not just help bring your health back to a state of perfection, but to also inspire people to elevate their bodies to peak performance. We do this with a combination of natural science-based solutions and cellular level advanced detox treatments. Through extensive scientific research and intellectual property we feel our NAD based cellular detox treatment are the best possible. Here at The Sedona Cellular Detox Center, we take research seriously.

What is NAD treatment?

NAD stands for nicotinamide adenine dinocleotide, which is the chemical term for a molecule that reacts with oxygen in the mitochondria in every cell of your body in order to create energy so you can move, breathe, pump blood, digest food, think and generally, live your life. Lack of this essential cellular fuel is now recognized as a key feature of chronic fatigue, apathy, depression, anxiety, alcohol and drug addiction, weak immune system (infections and cancer), muscle pain and weakness, headaches, memory disturbance, sleep problems, focus and concentration defects and other chronic diseases. NAD deficiency may be an unrecognized epidemic of cellular disease.

What makes cells age?

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Wear and tear, yes but biologically Dr. David Sinclair, professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School, says it’s lack of oxygen that signals cells that it’s their time to go. Without oxygen, the energy engines NFL Jerseys Cheap known as the mitochondria become less efficient at turning physiological fuel like glucose into the energy that the cells need to function. Eventually, they shut down.

In a paper published in the journal Cell, Sinclair oakley sunglasses sale and his colleagues describe for the first time a compound naturally made by young cells that can revive older cells and make them energetic and youthful again. In an experiment with mice, the team found that giving older mice a chemical called NAD for just one week made 2-year-old mice tissue resemble that of 6-month-old mouse (in human years, that would be akin to a 60-year-old’s cells becoming more like those belonging to a 20-year-old).

Sinclair said as mammals age, levels of NAD drop by 50 percent; with less of the compound, the communication between the cell and its mitochondrial energy source also falters and the cell becomes vulnerable to common aging assaults — inflammation, muscle wasting and slower metabolism. By tricking the cell into thinking it’s young again, with adequate amounts of NAD, aging can theoretically be reversed. “When we give the molecule, the cells think oxygen levels are normal and everything revs back up again,” Sinclair said.

While NAD may be a key to the fountain of youth, Sinclair, cheap jerseys who also investigated the anti-aging effects of the red-wine compound resveratrol, isn’t ready to say that the chemical could lead to immortal cells. “I wouldn’t take it that far,” he says. “What makes reversing aging interesting is that it could buy more time than we are currently looking at.”

His next step is to put NAD in the drinking water of his mice, and see if they take longer to develop the typical chronic diseases linked to aging, such as inflammation, muscle wasting, cancer and diabetes. The pathway may become an important target for cancer researchers as well, since tumors typically grow in low-oxygen conditions and are more common in older patients.

Because NAD is a naturally occurring compound that simply declines with age, Sinclair is optimistic that boosting its levels in people won’t have as many significant adverse effects as introducing an entirely new compound might. “If a body is slowly falling apart and losing the ability to regulate itself effectively, we can get it back on track to what it was in its 20s and 30s,” he said.

About Cellular Detox Centers

Cellular Detox Centers is a NAD Treatment and Research Company that focuses on providing cellular 10 day detox treatments and advanced healing supplements.. Unlike other such companies, which create products and services that target specific body functions, we believe that true health begins at the cellular level. It is only by addressing health on this basic cellular level that true, long lasting and whole-body health can be achieved. With that said, it’s our mission to not just help bring your health back to a state of perfection, but to also inspire people to elevate their bodies and minds to a peak cellular energy level.

The Origins of Most Physical Disease

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The origins of most physical disease are within consciousness – the body is the messenger of the conflicts, sustained fears, suppressed emotional traumas, disturbed patterns of thinking, and other imbalances that lie within the conscious and unconscious mind. Many people have painful childhood experiences, including patterns of neglect, smothering control, abandonment, and emotional, physical and sexual abuse. Later on there can be failed relationships, years of marital conflict, and the pain of loneliness.

Mind and Spirit

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 3.40.22 PMMany experience decades of unfulfilling employment, foiled personal creativity and the quiet desperation of a slowly dying spirit. These life experiences contribute to relentless anxiety, depression, denied emotions, destructive beliefs,hopelessness, helplessness, “giving up” and an endless variety of recurrent stresses.
Dis-ease of any kind is the body’s way of getting your attention and inviting this self-exploration, thereby offering true healing.

Brain Dis-ease and Reward Deficiency Syndrome

Neurotransmitters are chemicals in the brain that help to control states of consciousness, including nfl jerseys shop moods. Serotonin and GABA down-regulate electrical activity in the brain, thereby contributing to calm, peacefulness, or less anxiety. Adrenaline and nor-adrenaline up-regulate electrical activity thereby promoting excitement, motivation, or, reducing depression and apathy. Dopamine is the “feel good” brain chemical. It is the dance of these elector-chemicals that produce emotional balance and feelings of well-being.
When the proper flow of these neuro-chemicals are impaired the brain’s receptors become blocked, and then a variety of problems and dis-eases begin to develop, including:

Despair and Addictions It is the Reward Deficiency Syndrome that causes the compulsive use of alcohol and drugs that help to cheap nfl jerseys feel good, at least temporarily.

In addition to alcohol, people use nicotine, other stimulants, illicit drugs, junk foods, sugars, or thrill-seeking behaviors such as gambling, sex and Internet porn.Unfortunately, this only provides temporary relief while bringing with it the possibility of more long-term problems.

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Nad Detox, Nad Treatment

Nad Detox, Nad Treatment

Ready to Break Free? Call now!


10 day process to eliminate cravings and withdrawal
The BR+ Program effectively treats all Opiate, Alcohol
and Stimulant Dependence.

The Program

  • The first step in the Cellular Detox Centers NAD Treatment Process is a comprehensive medical evaluation.
  • After that, dietary recommendations are provided, along with nutritional supplements to each patient and 일하… the 10-day intravenous program is started.
  • The IV infusion varies from day to day and is individualized for each patient.
  • Each day of the treatment a nurse inserts an IV line. The patient relaxes in a lounge chair while the intravenous formulation is slowly infused into the body.
  • The uncomfortable feelings of withdrawal and cravings subside and remain at bay surprisingly quickly. Between the fourth and eighth day, patients typically report feelings of improved mental clarity. The severe physical symptoms of withdrawal vanish; however, the full protocol is required to complete the treatment to minimize or eliminate physical cravings.
  • During the day the patient may watch television, read, eat, meditate and even doze. At the end of the day, the IV is disconnected and the patient leaves the outpatient clinic.
  • The treatment is completely safe. Licensed nurses work under the supervision of a licensed physician who approves a customized treatment plan and reviews progress.
  • The entire treatment is based on detoxifying, cleaning, and restoring the mind and body’s dysfunctional cellular neuro-receptors, thus producing much more freed energy to the body and mind; this freed energy is the key true healing.
  • It is much like the fuel injectors in your car. When they get clogged with pollution, the motor runs poor and the engine gets worse every day the injectors are clogged, until they are cleaned and restored to their original state. But when the fuel injectors are professionally cleaned, the cars energy system, electrical system and motor runs again at its highest potential.
  • The physical and mental condition resulting from chemical dependence means that the brain is just not working correctly because neurotransmission is thrown out of balance. Re-balancing the brain requires detoxification and cell function stabilization in order for the body and mind to run at their highest potential.
  • Our protocol administers NAD along with combinations of vitamins and minerals taken orally. This process renders the patient nearly or completely free of cravings.
  • The NAD Recovery Program is a ten-day outpatient process based upon the patient’s history and their needs. It is given intravenously to assist the patient through a comfortable withdrawal reducing or eliminating physical cravings. Specially trained nurses under the supervision of a licensed physician, administer each treatment.
  • When would you be coming for treatment to finally Break Free?


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