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Sedona's Best Photos

While vacationing, visiting or living in Sedona AZ, where the red rock formations stand beautiful and majestic, the best place to find everything Cheap Oakleys for all your camera equipment needs is at Rollie’s Camera in Uptown Sedona.

Capture the moment Sedona photography

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Rollie’s Camera Shop has been serving customers with all kinds of photography needs for a very long time!

Experience and a knowledgeable staff make this camera shop a destination point for those who want he best photos and videos of the beauty of Sedona.

Rollie’s was established as Bradshaw’s Photo Sloan Shop in 1949, 60 years ago, which makes our Camera shop the oldest continuously operating camera shop in all of Arizona!

This is quite amazing for a independently owned business in a town that wasn’t incorporated until 1988.

During the camera shop’s 60-year rich and illustrious history, it has only seen four owners.  Bob Bradshaw was the founder, and then in 1961 the namesake, Rollie Houck, purchased it from Bob.

In 1976, Ernie and Lorraine Cousins purchased the store from Baratas Replicas Ray Ban Rollie when he retired, and in 2005, the current owner, Bud Johnson who also owns The Blue Eyed Bear next door purchased Rollie’s Camera Shop from Ernie and Lorraine.

In keeping with his own motto; “Dedicated to tradition with an eye on the future”, Bud has chosen to keep the namesake while updating and improving the camera shop itself.

Currently, one can find almost anything in the camera shop that is a camera cheap nfl jerseys wholesale or has to do with cameras from the high end models like the oakley sunglasses cheap Nikon D90 to the Canon EOS 5D and accessories for nearly any purpose imaginable.

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