Sedona Live Music and Entertainment

Sedona Live Music

Sedona live music is what Sedona is all about for those that love hearing and experiencing great original tunes and songs expressed over the full spectrum of genre.

Check the different venues below and click photos to visit their Websites to learn who is playing where and where the music scene is.

This Month At Soundbites Grill

Sound Bites Grill

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Check out the action at Vino Di Sedona, another great Sedona musical venue.

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The Green Light Rock ‘N’ Roll Dance Band

Sedona Live music Arizona bands

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For the best Sedona Live Music and Entertainment,  Our Guide discount oakley brings you to the best entertainment Sedona has to offer. Sedona is known world wide for it’s great musicians. The arts scene is alive and well in Sedona. Jazz, rock, the blues, music is everywhere.

One of the best original-song vocal bands in Sedona is Green Light.

The band’s popularity continues to grow exponentially as more and more music lovers learn there is a band out there that continues to carry the creative-musical torch of the Baby Boomer generation forward.

Their songs, all originals, are the songs we never got to hear when younger because these song writers had to hang their musical dreams on the shelf for a while to raise families and secure themselves in the real world.

With that behind them, they got back to what they love to do best and now Cheap Oakleys we have Green Light!

Tommy Acosta (bass), Chicky Brooklyn (rhythm)) have written a beautiful selection of songs that cover the full spectrum of human emotion; and play them with a fervor that was never lost.

Joined by Uncle Marc on trombone and keys, Robin 2017 Miller on lead and special guests like Mike Reed, Mike Leibowitz and Eddie Barattini on drums, the band fills every musical space with richness, fullness and joy.

‘We just love to play,” Tommy said. “We get up on that stage and we forget everything on our minds but the music. Who we are in life doesn’t matter. It’s what we are on stage that counts.”

And what they are is a powerful, eye-riveting band. There is no one solo-performer that becomes the focus of the show. Each musical personality on that stage is a stand-alone star.

“Tommy and I are just as blown away as the audience is watching Rbin and Uncle Marc trade licks,” Chicky said. Wholesale nfl Jerseys “We are each others’ fans.”

The musical virtuosity of the musicians is only surpassed by ray ban sunglasses sale the group’s excellent command of harmony and vocals.

“We are a vocal group first and foremost,” Chicky said. “We can explore musical horizons but we always come back to the song.”

Songs like Deep River, Keep Your Eyes on the Road, Green Light and All My Life have people singing with the choruses at every gig. For everyone, they have a song.

“As we all know, a great song is always song greater than the sum of its part,” Tommy said. “Consider every song you ever loved. It was the melody, the words and the arrangement coming seamlessly together at just the right point in your life, to create a powerful emotion you feel over-and-over every time you hear it. That’s what our songs do.”

The band has released Wholesale Jerseys a CD of a live performance at Bent River Bookstore in Cottonwood and is ready to record their first studio release.

“It’s time to get serious,” Tommy said. “It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old as long as you could rock and roll and we got songs people love, both the young and the old. Might as well drag ourselves into a studio and do it right.”

Though no time table has been released, Uncle Marc did give us a clue.

“Soon,” he said.Also, check out Rick Cyge, Exceptional music from the Heart of Sedona.  His magnificent finger-picking style is a must to behold. You can hear his music and learn his performance schedule at:

To find out whose playing at Olde Sedona Bar & Grill visit:

To find out whose playing at Sound Bites Grill visit:

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