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When it comes to things to do in Sedona it’s hard to beat going on a Sedona UFO, Vortex or Psychic tour.

Around the world Sedona is known as a hot bed of UFO activity and home to some of the most proficient psychics on the planet.

Further, Sedona’s famed Vortexes are considered to be the most powerful and effective vortexes anywhere, known for their inspirational and healing powers people from all over come to experience.

Things To Do In Sedona

Sedona UFO Vortex Tours has it all, offering guided UFO tours utilizing 3rd generation night vision goggles with sightings guaranteed, including guided Vortex tours and meditations, a paranormal gallery, an UFO store and readings by nationally-acclaimed psychic Anita Owens.

According to Anita, Sedona UFO Vortex Tours has been voted “Sedona’s Best One-Day Experience” when it comes to the best things to do in Sedona.

Anita describes the experience thusly:

“Come with me to truly have the most life transforming AMAZING day of your life,” she said. “We will start the day with a 2-hour vortex tour where we will go to Sedona’s most spiritual vortex “The Amitabha Stupa” which is the Buddha of Infinite Light, healing you of all suffering from attachments. When you recite his name you  will return to his pure land to attain enlightenment and return to free souls from all sufferings.

“After ceremony with the Buddha I will take you through a guided meditation in which I will open your 3rd eye get you connected properly to the vortex and take you on a astral travel to a higher dimension in which you will meet your Spirit Guides and Loved ones on the other side.

“Then we will journey to another Vortex which is the most powerful in Sedona. I will there teach you all about the science of the Vortex, the history of Sedona and so much more.

“Then once to sun sets we will head out to a virtual hot spot of UFO  activity in which I guarantee sightings as most of the time they will land on the Mountain or on the ground not to far from us.

“Because you are now connected to the vortex you will be able to get pictures of the light beings all around us as well as fairies.  You can also take my paranormal video tour that is offered the will truly change you forever.”

For one of the best things to do in Sedona during your visit or stay, especially if you are seeking enlightenment, healing, a paranormal experience and connection to our extraterrestrial brothers and sisters.

Call now to book the most incredibly transformative day of your life with Paranormal Queen Anita Owens 513-680-8810…


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