Sedona Film Festival Kicks Off This Weekend!

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The Sedona International Film Festival opens this weekend with a star-studded lineup of visiting actors who will be in Sedona for over nine days of cinematic fun, featuring Jane Alexander, Ed Asner, Richard Dreyfuss, Cybill Shepherd, James Brolin, Pearce and Keely Brosnan.

SIFF will be presenting the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award to four-time Oscar nominee Jane Alexander… but is only the beginning of nine days filled with great films and well-known actors!

Among the other guests who will be on hand for screenings of films they’re involved with or have done in the past are Ed Asner, Richard Dreyfuss, Cybill Shepherd, James Brolin, Cindy Pickett and Pearce and Keely Brosnan.

Sedona Film Festival Presents Plethora of Cinematic Treats For Winter 2018

Get ready Sedona locals and visiting moviegoers for some great big-screen entertainment. The Sedona Film Festival is presenting a plethora of movies sure to satisfy the palette of those who appreciate film. The Sedona Film Festival prides itself on providing some of the best movie fare in northern Arizona. Read on to learn more and buy tickets for these great cinematic presentations.