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Things To Do In Sedona

Things to do in Sedona

Sedona has it all.  Jeep tours, helicopter rides, vortex tours, live music, art exhibitions, a Mexican Village, sacred ruins, spectacular daytime panoramas and nighttime views of the sky that will take your breath away.  Ask anyone who has had the pleasure of hiking the red rocks of Sedona and walking its sacred paths what it was like for them and they will all say the same thing –“Magical!” The masterfully carved canyons and red rock mountains change form as they shadow from different angles at different times of the day so there is always something new to look at and admire. Even for the locals, the wonder never ends. You can take a Sedona AZ jeep tour of the vortex’s and canyons and get to see Sedona as only the most fit and adventurous hikers can. And to get the final picture in place, to cap your memories and your adventure, you can take a helicopter or biplane aerial tour of Sedona. From above you get to see Sedona’s secrets from a whole new perspective and can truly appreciate the immensity and depth of the beauty of Sedona.Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, Sedona has it all.

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Located less than two hours north of metropolitan Phoenix, and just two hours south of the famous Grand Canyon, Sedona stands 4,300 feet above sea level and provides perhaps one of the most spectacular vistas on earth.

Things to do in Sedona

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Sedona’s canyon walls seem to whisper a different life. A life far more grand. It is a land full of wonder and enchanting beauty enticing all who view her, beckoning them to behold her blazing pinnacles.

Sedona’s canyon walls  seem to whisper  of a different  life… a life far more grand.    It is a land  full of wonder and enchanting  beauty. Enticing all who view her , beckoning them to behold her  blazing pinnacles.

This remarkable natural gallery of panoramic landscapes and carefully carved rock formations is being created over millions and millions of years. Many of these sculpted rocks take on identifiable forms, some amusing and many beautiful.

Best things to do in SedonaLocal residents have given many of these rocks affectionate nicknames like “Bell Rock,” “Coffee Pot Rock” and the all-time favorite “Snoopy” who’s sleeping on top of his doghouse.  Some even find “Woodstock” Or is it “Lucy” nearby?  Another famous rock is “Steamboat Rock” said to have inspired Walt Disney’s  “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.”

It’s fun to use your own imagination to see different things. But, most of all, you’ll see visions of beauty, sandstone pillars that become sentinels; eternal monuments to the sky.

As the sunlight dances through the clouds the rocks and canyons beneath reflect magnificent colors and express different moods many that are simply awe-inspiring. Then suddenly near sunset it seems as if the dust and evening winds conspire to rapidly transform the sky into a valley of enchantment.

Striking spires become flames in the sunset setting the rocks aglow with an indescribable incandescence that offers  a mesmerizing moment to all who behold it. Each light has its own special moment as elusive and fleeting as a shadow. Yet, each separate moment becomes a powerful vision exuding its own glory that will never be exactly the same again.Best things do in Sedona

This is Sedona, a land of enchantment and remarkable beauty. We hope our visitor’s guide will help you find the best places to stay, eat, shop and play in Sedona.

We hope to help make your stay here a wonderful experience and memory you will revisit forever.


Sedona’s Best Visitor’s Guide

For over 21 years, visitors and concierges in Sedona and Scottsdale consider Sedona’s Best Visitor’s Guidebook to be the “Bible of Sedona” because of its quality and value for any visitor or tourist in Sedona Arizona. It is the original and favorite guidebook on Sedona guiding you to the best things to see and do in Sedona. It is full of useful colorful information, maps and directories on the best places in Sedona. Get listed among the Best. Our website is well on its way to becoming the most informative and useful digital Sedona tourism book on the internet. Welcome to We are here to help you have as great a time in Sedona as anyone can.

 For fun things to do in Sedona, take a Sedona jeep tour or helicopter tour, go on a Sedona hike, explore Sedona vortexes, try out a Sedona golf course, stay in the best Sedona Hotels and learn all about the best things to do in in Sedona at If you are looking for the best places to stay, eat, shop, play  and fun things to do on your Sedona Arizona visit or vacation, Sedona’s Best Visitor’s Guide will get you there quickly. Handy maps. Easy directions. Handy links. Sedona’s Best will show you the way to Sedona’s best tours.

Our Sedona visitor’s guide will help you find the best restaurants, hotels, shopping, galleries, tours in Red Rock Country.

Sedona's Best Tourism and Visitor's Guide

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Sedona's Best Tourism and Visitor's Guide

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When vacationing or visiting Sedona Arizona you will want to stay at the best hotels in Sedona and resorts that fit your needs and vacation plans. Hiking, tennis, golf, dining, restaurants swimming pools and spas, Sedona Hotels and Resorts have them all. Sedona hotels and resorts provide the best lodging and accommodations for your Arizona vacation, with amenities that include facials, pampering and luxury magnified by beautiful vistas of the enchanting red rock formations of Sedona. Click Photo to find them.




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The Best Restaurants in Sedona, whether they serve Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Southwest, Thai or Sea Food cuisine; breakfast, lunch or dinner, casual or fine dining, all have one thing in common – the inspiring beauty of the land where they are located. Check out our fine selection of great places to eat in Sedona. Click photo to find great dining.




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While taking your Arizona vacation in Sedona make your experience even more memorable by shopping at one of its fine stores and galleries for art, jewelry, turquoise jewelry, Native America Art, clothing, fine chocolates, hiking gear, hats, cowboy styles, cameras and more! Click photo for a selection of great places to shop.




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Sedona Galleries are among the most exclusive galleries in the country, offering the finest art, bronzes, jewelry and artistic creations of unlimited scope. Sedona’s Best Visitor’s Guide will show you where you can find the art of your heart; art that will enrich your life forever. Click photo to check them out.





things to do in Sedona

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If you are looking for Sedona AZ tours or the best things to do in Sedona Arizona while visiting or on vacation, Sedona’s Best Visitor’s Guide will take you there. There are hikes, bi-plane rides, helicopter rides, golf, tennis, swimming, horseback riding, rock climbing, Hummer and jeep rides and much more. When it comes to great tours and adventures, Sedona can’t be beat. Click photo to find out more.




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Hiking in Sedona AZ can be one of the most beautiful and rewarding experience a hiker can have. Sedona is known for some of the most beautiful vistas and hiking in the world. It’s majestic red rock formations frame hiking trails that take one through gorgeous ravines and forests, mountains and mesas. Check out this video of one of the area’s most beautiful hikes. Also check out the handy maps and guides to Sedona hikes. Click photo to see videos and trails.




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Sedona AZ has gained a world-wide reputation as a place to come to when healing, seeking spiritual fulfillment or seeking alternative approaches to health and well-being. The sacred Native American ruins and the magical red rocks combine to make Sedona a magnet for those in the healing arts and art itself. Click photo for more.