Car Wash

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Cleaner Quicker Car Wash and Detailing

928-862-4001 • 970-948-1111

3 EXPRESS WASHES – state-of-the-art tunnel w/up

to 19 treatments for hand wash results, including

complete hand prep for bugs, wheels, tough-to-reach

spots and towel dry touch up. Neoprene brushes

don’t absorb gritty water like the cloth used by others,

so don’t scratch, scrub off wax. RO water leaves no

residue to a dull finish, hold dirt. Touchscreen Express

terminal-2. min tunnel- In/Out 5 minutes.

3 EXPRESS DETAILS– Real Details, Not Superficial “Full Service”.

<30 to 60 minutes with wash depending

on size, condition. Delightful Caf., Lounge, Store

w/ Free Popcorn & WiFi. FULL RANGE OF LUXURY

DETAILS & RESTORATIONS – Carpets, Seats, Clay,

Buff, Wax, Paint Protection, Headlight & Paint fade

restoration, Scratches, Paint chips, Wheel details,

Deodorizing & more. 1515 W. S.R. 89A, West Sedona,

across from Ace Hardware, Whole Foods,