Sedona Vortex Map

People from all over the world come to Sedona to experience the magical powers of the Red Rock Country’s fabled vortexes considered by some to be a portal to spiritual energy. A vortex is a spiritual energy whirlpool that facilitates meditation, prayers and healing.There are three different types of vortexes: Magnetic vortexes elicit a feminine, nurturing, energy flow and deep contemplation and other thought-provoking reflections. An electrical vortex is masculine in nature. Like a bolt of lightening, electrical vortexes can be very empowering and get the energy percolating. Balanced vortexes are simply a mix of electrical and magnetic energy. For many, standing in a vortex and absorbing the energies associated with them can be a life-changing event.

Sedona Vortexes

Interactive Google Earth Sedona Vortex Map

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Airport Vista Vortex

If you’re looking to supercharge your prayers or mantras, perhaps the Airport Vista Vortex will take you there. Once on top of this energy field, you are blessed with a stupendous view of Red Rock Country.

This mesa has been said to enhance any spiritual efforts to connect with your soul and make you feel one with the universe. This vortex supposedly will enhance your clarity and perspective on your life. One of the 10 best and easiest hikes in Sedona

Directions: Take 89A west 1.0 miles to Airport Road on the left. Go 0.5 miles and park in the turnout on the left.

Sedona is surrounded by vortexes. These swirls of energy can create a feeling of connection to everything around you.

Although many theories vary on what exactly a Sedona vortex is. One thing for sure is when you feel one in its full-blown manifestations you will never forget the experience.

Those that have experienced the force of the vortex energy will tell you in most cases the experience was life altering. If there is a question, an issue, a dilemma being faced, in that moment where the energy of the vortex fully manifests itself, answers are given and healings occur. According to those who have made it their life study to understand the power of the Sedona vortex it is believed there four main vortexes in Sedona named Boynton Canyon, Cathedral Rock, Airport Mesa and Bell Rock.

Some say the entire canyon and the mountains themselves are vortex points whose energy stretches for miles while others say there are vortexes just about everywhere if you are sensitive enough to resonate with one. Feelings come up as thoughts are given more energy and one can experience anything ranging from joy and euphoria to a sense of deep peace and wellbeing.


Others believe that the vortexes are like giant antennas that allow one to communicate with other beings, loved ones and even those that have passed away. They can be anything to anyone and can be used in any manner and experienced in any way the individual focuses.

While the metaphysical properties of the vortex can be easily felt, physical explanations of the phenomena include taking into consideration Sedona’s geological composition in tandem with its geographical location. Some have even postulated that Cathedral Rock is basically a portal to another dimension where the Lost City of Atlantis now resides.

The vortex experience affects almost everyone in a different way. But one commonality is the feeling of warmth beginning at your fingertips and coming up through the arms, eventually causing you entire body to tingle, even give you what we refer to as “goose pimples.” You may cry with joy. You may get a message from a departed loved one. The answer you have been waiting for appears. Sedona vortexes vibrate at a frequency of love, the highest frequency of all.

Sedona vortex tours are a powerful a way to experience Sedona’s vortex energy, world-renowned for its ability to transform, awaken and heal those who enter it.