There are two cliché but accurate truisms that apply to the body as we get older (and some would argue the mind as well). Number One; “Use it or lose it” and Number Two; “Use it but don’t abuse it.”

    Decline, to some degree, is inevitable, but the rate of decline and the quality of our lives in the process can be greatly influenced. Staying full of energy and as young as possible in body is a choice we either make through daily action . . . or not. Life’s demands conspire to put everything else in front of exercise. Unlike eating, most of us are not programmed to exercise.

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  • Sedona Live music

    Led Zeppelin Tribute Band Zepparella Returns to Sound Bites Grill

    Plant, Page, Jones, and Bonham; four names at the very top of hard rock royalty that four very talented women pay homage to… how can you go wrong? “Zepparella” as they call themselves will be performing in the Sound Bites Grill Celebrity Showroom on Thursday May 3 from 7-9 pm.

    Zepparella is the All-Female Zeppelin Powerhouse. Vocalist Anna Kristina, Guitarist Gretchen Menn, Bassist Holly West, and Drummer Clementine have brought their passion for the sacred music of the greatest band in the world all over the US and Canada. Zepparella shows replicate the nuance and detail of Zeppelin’s catalog while honoring the powerful improvisational journeys for which Zeppelin shows were renowned.

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  • Things to Do in Sedona

    Sedona Film Festival Presents Plethora of Cinematic Treats For Spring 2018

    Get ready Sedona locals and visiting moviegoers for some great big-screen entertainment. The Sedona Film Festival is presenting a plethora of movies sure to satisfy the palette of those who appreciate film. The Sedona Film Festival prides itself on providing some of the best movie fare in northern Arizona. Read on to learn more and buy tickets for these great cinematic presentations.

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