• Things to join Sedona

    Shake Rattle and Roll at Sound Bites Grill

    If you’re a fan of the golden oldies from the 50’s & 60’s, you’ll love this genuinely authentic blast from the past “Graffiti Gold” at the Sound Bites Grill Show Room in uptown Sedona on Saturday…

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  • Music in Sedona

    National Recording Artist Robin Miller Plays Steakhouse89

    Sedona is the home of Northern Arizona’s finest musicians, songwriters and composers. On  Wednesday June 20, and Wednesday June 27, from 5 to 8 p.m., one of the finest of the finest musicians will be playing solo at Steakhouse 89; we are talking about none other than the legendary musical virtuoso — Robin Miller!

    Robin is known in the community as one of its most talented and heard-working musicians, playing almost every night of the week at the many fine restaurants, nightclubs and musical venues in the community and now expanding his talents to include Stekhouse89, a fantastic new restaurant in the heart of West Sedona offering mouth watering steaks and food in a classy environment for those who enjoy great fine dining.

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    There are two cliché but accurate truisms that apply to the body as we get older (and some would argue the mind as well). Number One; “Use it or lose it” and Number Two; “Use it but don’t abuse it.”

    Decline, to some degree, is inevitable, but the rate of decline and the quality of our lives in the process can be greatly influenced. Staying full of energy and as young as possible in body is a choice we either make through daily action . . . or not. Life’s demands conspire to put everything else in front of exercise. Unlike eating, most of us are not programmed to exercise.

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  • Sedona Film Festival Presents Plethora of Cinematic Treats For Summer 2018

    Get ready Sedona locals and visiting moviegoers for some great big-screen entertainment. The Sedona Film Festival is presenting a plethora of movies sure to satisfy the palette of those who appreciate film. The Sedona Film Festival prides itself on providing some of the best movie fare in northern Arizona. Read on to learn more and buy tickets for these great cinematic presentations.

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  • Things to do in Sedona

    Book A UFO Tour Today! Call Now

    When it comes to things to do in Sedona it’s hard to beat going on a Sedona UFO, Vortex or Psychic tour. Around the world Sedona is known as a hot bed of UFO activity and home to some of the most proficient psychics on the planet. Further, Sedona’s famed Vortexes are considered to be the most powerful and effective vortexes anywhere, known for their inspirational and healing powers people from all over come to experience.

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