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Sedona’s Best Visitor’s Guide has been serving the needs of Sedona visitors and businesses for over 28 years. The guide has proven to be an invaluable tool and reference source. It has been greatly appreciated by concierges in high-end hotels and resorts throughout Arizona, who find the booklet to be an extremely popular item with visitors looking to travel to Sedona.

All of our concierges here at the Wigwam find your magazine extremely useful. When our guests ask for information about Sedona, yours is the publication we reach for.

B. Siewert, Wigwam Resort

Sedona’s Best Magazine is given out to every guest that plans to visit Sedona.  I believe it is a well-rounded magazine that features the area the best!  I like that it is broken up in sections, lodging, restaurants, etc. Please keep sending this magazine to us, we are glad to promote it! 

Barbara Horowitz

Orange Tree Wyndham

“We got guests going to Sedona everyday and we go through a lot of Sedona’s Best Visitor Guides.” –, Phoenician Resort Scottsdale.

“Send us more Sedona’s Best Visitor’s Guides. They are a hot item here.” – Concierge, Boulder’s Resort in Scottsdale.

“When I have a guest going to Sedona, I give them Sedona’s Best Guidebook. It provides them with a
comprehensive overview of one of the loveliest places in the world.” –Doubletree Paradise Valley Resort 

“I did want to let you know that I love Sedona Best. I have been a Concierge for 35 years and have used your magazine since you started it” -Valley Ho Resort

“Your Sedona Visitor’s Guides are very popular with our front desk. Please keep them coming.” –, Concierge, Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliff, Scottsdale

“This is the best guide book I’ve found to the area. Lots of info in one handy-to-use brochure.” –Concierge, Tucson, AZ

“…this booklet is our Bible.” –Concierge, Phoenician in Scottsdale

“Sedona’s Best Guidebook is the “best” guidebook. We at our concierge desk especially like the maps with locations of the accommodations, restaurants, and shops.” — Concierge Manager Embassy Suites, Scottsdale

“…The most informative booklet on Sedona!” –Concierge Manager, Scottsdale Hilton 

It seems I go through a box of Sedona's Best faster than popcorn.  Could you please send me another box?  Thanks. Concierge, Chaparral Suites, Scottsdale.


Looking For Even More Exposure?

Contact us to learn more about how to get your business in the annual Sedona's Best Visitor Guidebook. Sedona's trusted tourist guide for over 30 years.

For additional questions please contact us.